Tuesday, April 6, 2010


My name Is Angelique, though most know me as Ang, Angel or Angie. I am an Office Manager to a pretty cool Chiropractor in Hampstead, MD. Also, I am a wife to a wonderful loving man and aunt to the most beautiful, sweet and loving twin girls that I could have ever been blessed with in life.

Well, lets just say I have a story to tell that I am sure many can either identify with or learn from that can hopefully show people that life isn't all bad. There are good people in the world. Everyone has a story. Good. Bad. Indifferent. By doing this blog I hope that my life stories and lessons will help someone. I am not religious. I am a christian. Trust me there is a HUGE HUGE difference. In time, my hopes are to help and bless people and show that there is a way to peace and enlightenment which is a daily endeavor.

Til I get to blog again.... Laugh as much as you can! Live with Purpose! Love like you have never been hurt!