Saturday, September 11, 2010

hey folks!!

Hey folks! Sorry it's been so long... Life has been.... eventful... I have started working out out Brick Bodies in Reisterstown with the awesomest trainer ever...I have lost 41.5lbs in almost 3months. Helps when you trainer is Marine and doesn't take any crap off of but he is awesome.... I am the office manager at the same place. Nothing really new to report. I trying to think about a new hair cut. But the biggest change is I am tons healthier and LOVE working out. I am finding that my body can do so much more than I have given it credit for. I feel some changes personally going on. I am convinced that exercise also brings out another for of healing. It is so therapeutic and i have a sense of confidence that wasn't there before. I am so greatful for the people that are having faith in me to do what I have never thought I could and helping me to believe in myself and believing in me when it isn't there in me... I have also found a new respect for our military and what they go through. Not because of the working out but the things that I am learning about that they go through and if they make it back the effects it took on them that they aren't the way they left. Here it is the 9th anniversary of 9/11 and it has an entirely new meaning to me. We need to support our troops like we have never through out history. They need it... but most of all....THEY DESERVE IT!

Oh... and my gym has their version of the biggest looser and I have signed up!!!! The Extreme Brickover will be fun but most importantly I plan to be the "biggest looser" I have a wonderfully supportive husband (as long as my boobs don't shrink....well he is a man)so I know at home he is being awesome and supportive and loving me and putting up with my different foods and driving me to the gym once a week to show support all other times I'm on my own. Jimmy you rock!!!!

Well, that's it for now folks...hope to type some a little more often. My apologies. But life is definitely going to be on the up and up. Take care folks!! Remember LIVE LONG AND FINISH STRONG!!!!!